Friday, April 9, 2010

Elle's 5 Month Pictures

I know these are a month late...exactly but i just got around to posting them.
She is getting so makes me so sad that she is not a little baby anymore.
Her standing, look at those chunky legs!
Her huge smile, I just love it!
She is growing so fast and getting such a little personality.
-She loves to watch, play and laugh with Oliver
-She loves to eat anything we will give her
-She is spinning all around and moving all over when she is on her belly
-She is most always HAPPY!
-She still sucks her 1st two fingers upside down
-She loves to be outside
-Went to the Beach for the first time and loved the sand, hated the cold water
-She now weights 20lbs! Crazy!
-She still has the bluest eyes, blonde hair, and really fair skin.
People stop us all the time and comment on how beautiful she is and how pretty her eyes are...and I definitely have to agree..of coarse I am her mom:)
Elle is a total sweetie and loves to snuggle and is just the sweetest little baby.
We love her and can't get enough of her cute little personality!

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