Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Months

Elle's 6 month pictures
I really can't believe how fast time flies by, she is actually almost seven months old already, but the doctor visits are scheduled at the end of the month so that is way these are always so late.
-Elle now sits up mostly on her own (with her boppy behind her just in case)
-She is ready to crawl, she gets up on all fours and lunges forward
-She moves all over
-She rolls both ways
-She doesn't like strangers talking or looking at her
-She is a Mama's girl but loves her Daddy too
-Sometimes will only let Daddy put her to sleep
-Still sleeps with us
-She is a very good eater (if you can't tell by her chunky arms)
-She is always happy
-She loves to play with her toys and Ollie
It makes me so sad to see how big she has gotten. She is always so happy and smiley. We love her so much and feel so blessed that she is our Baby Girl.


  1. My goodness... she is soooo pretty! Keep them coming! You and Josh make gorgeous babies! Come to the beach with us on Monday, huh? Check your email and get back to me. :)

  2. She looks just like Josh in the picture! Seems like she changed a lot in the last month. Adorable as ever :)