Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 Months Already!

4 Months Old

I love these pictures, I wanted to have her mostly naked to show how chuncky she is..I love it, she has rolls everywhere!
I can't believe that my baby girl is already 4 months old. It is crazy, she is getting too big too fast. She is the sweetest little girl and a great Baby!
Weight: 18 lbs. (98th percent tile!)
Height: 25 inches (65th percent tile!)
-Loves EATING!! She just started rice cereal with carrots and bananas
-Has started to roll over and likes her tummy time
-Knows who Dad, Mom and Ollie are and cries if she doesn't see us
- Sucks on her first two fingers upside down
-Loves to smile, laugh and talk to us
-Loves her bath time
-Loves to cuddle
-Loves to be rocked to sleep
We are so blessed to have this sweet little girl in our family, we all adore her so much. And enjoy watching her grow and learn new things everyday. She is the sweetest and cutest girl ever!


  1. I LOVE those rolls!!!! She might hate you one day for that picture, but it's priceless!! Don't you wish we could be that chubby and so cute!!! You guys make cute babies!!!! :)

  2. Those rolls are the best! She looks like such a happy little girl :) Such a cutie!