Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elle's 1st Birthday

Elle turned 1 on October 9th and we celebrated with a Birthday party and Cake!
Elle with her party hat on (half way) in her new rocking chair from Grammy and Papa.
I don't think she smiled in any of the pictures.
Well I guess this is the only picture she was smiled for.
She loves Food, especially sweets!

Me and The Birthday Girl, I can't believe she is getting so big!

Dad and The Birthday Girl!

The Dessert Table
Elle had a great Birthday, I think it was kinda overwhelming for her but she still had fun.
She is such a fun little girl, full of energy and spunk. She loves to tease Oliver and get a reaction.
She LOVES food, she will eat almost anything. She loves bracelets, purses and anything she can wear. She says Mama, Dada and then screams or grunts for everything else she wants or she will sign more, food and thank you. She loves to ride on our bike with the ibert and loves to be outside. We love you so much and are so glad that you are our little girl.
Happy Birthday!

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