Sunday, August 8, 2010


Oliver (3 years old and handsome as ever!)

Adison, Oliver, Payson and Sarah on the bounce house/water slide

Elle, Me, Josh and the Birthday boy with cake still on his face!

Me helping Oliver open presents..he LOVED all of them!

Ollie with his pirate Birthday cake!
(Josh helped me make it and we thought it turned out pretty cool and so did Ollie)
I can't believe that my baby boy is 3 years old! I still can't get over it and it has been over a month now!
Anyways, he had a great Pirate Birthday party. He ran around, jumped in the jumper and went down the water slide a million times! But I think his favorite part was the PRESENTS!

Oliver is such a great little man, we just love him to pieces. He is so sweet and caring and yet never stops making us laugh! He is a little joker ( I wonder where he gets that from). He cracks me up because he remembers everything! And he is a great little helper. We love him so much and we feel so blessed to have him as our son! Love you little buddy and Happy Birthday!

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  1. omg they are SO cute Britt! I can't believe how fast time flies...I thought when I read the title you were going to say "we are having our third" or something like that!!! haha oh my.