Friday, July 23, 2010

Elle's Monthly Pictures

7 months old

7 months as well...I loved this picture because I said "clap Elle, clap"

and she did and they caught it. That was her new "trick" for the month!

8 months old..she is just too sweet!

9 months old...this month was by far the hardest. She did not want to sit still
for anything and this was the only one that even resembled a smile..oh well.

Her Doctors appt. is on Monday so I don't have all of her stats but I know that is still super CHUNKY! Her two top teeth just broke through yesterday and she got the bottom two at 7 months...this makes me a little nervous, She has already bit me once and that was not fun! She has been crawling, standing and walking along the furniture for about a month now. She has just starting to try to stand on her own but is still really unstable. She babbles and talks to her toys and Oliver. She screams at us to let us know if she wants something we have. She is still a BIG Mama's girl, which I love, but she has gotten better about going to other people. She loves her Daddy to put her to sleep when he is home. She loves to play with Oliver and mess up anything that he is building. She hasn't sucked her fingers for about a month now, which is good and bad in some ways, now she nurses ALL night long, but at least she won't be sucking them when she is older. She loves vanilla yogurt and anything sweet. She has been drinking out of a sippy cup for a few months now. She is such a sweet little girl and we love her so much!

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