Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Oliver the Vampirate and Elle, I know it is her first Halloween and we didn't dress her up, not because I am a bad mother but she had a cold and we just kept her in the sling all bundled up so there was no point to have her dressed up...I know I still felt bad.
Oh and yes this is our little Vampirate, that is what he called his costume, not vampire. Isn't he the cutest Vampire Ever!! He loved having his hair painted black and having scary make-up on!

All of the cousins (except Payson and Elle) ready to Trick or Treat!!!

Ready to go to our Ward Trunk or Treat Party. We had so much fun. I guess the kids thought Ollie was pretty scaring because we tried to have them stand together to take a picture and none of the little girls wanted to stand by him or talk to him, it probably didn't help that Josh taught him to say "I want to suck your blood!"

Me and Ollie carving his pumpkin, I had to take out all of the insides because he didn't like the way it felt!

The finished product! This is his "say cheese" face...isn't it lovely!

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