Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few more pics of Carp!

I know that I already did a post pf pics from our Carp trip but there were still a few more pictures that I I am adding another post! Oliver loved to pose in the sand..silly little man.
This is Oliver and his cousin Avery...most of the time they are friends. Avery is such a sweet and fun little girl Ollie loves to see her and had so much fun with all of his cousins at the beach.

Oliver trying to give Elle a kiss

I love this picture....this is how they always are together...laughing and having fun!

We tried to take some family pictures and this the best that we could get.

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  1. I love those pictures! And your cute little tummy! Hope you're feeling well! Oliver is just too cute, I seriously can't wait to see baby Elle, she'll be a beauty!