Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Little Man!!!

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!
Oliver turned 2 on June 28th while we were on vacation, so I am a little late. He loved his Birthday and expected everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him all day long. We are so proud of him and what a good little boy he is. We can't believe that he is already 2!! We have enjoyed every minute of the last two years with him, he is such a sweet and happy little boy. He loves to help Dad and Mom with everything, he loves to count in English and Portuguese. He loves to watch Cars and Olivia. He loves Army men and playing baseball. He is always happy and loves to make Mom and Dad laugh with all his funny comments. We are so excited to see him with his little sister we know that he will be such a good big brother. We love you tons Ollie and feel so blessed to be your parents. Love you and Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Oliver! SO cute! Glad you guys had a happy day, he's gettting so big!

  2. Happy Birthday Ollie!! (again) Glad you guys had so much fun in Carp. Your pictures are so cute of the kids! I still can't believe he's 2, crazy!!!