Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Firemen

We are so proud of Josh, he has worked so hard to become a Paramedic Firefighter and after all of his hard work and dedication He has just been hired on at Sycuan Fire Department! Yeah, we are so excited for him to start a career that he will truly love and be happy with. Oliver is so proud of him and he loves to wear all of Dads' new fireman gear. We got Ollie his own Fireman hat and he loves to wear his helmet with Dad!
I love this picture...they are just too cute!

Congrats again Josh I am so excited for you. You are such an example to us. Love You Tons!!


  1. Congrats Josh we are so happy for you!! We wish you all the best in your new career.

  2. Congrats! That is so great, glad all your hard work will pay off!

  3. Yeah Josh, you're a big bad fireman now!!! Congrats! We're so excited for you guys! Great job on all your hard work the last few weeks, I had no idea of the intense nature!! Great Job!!