Friday, February 27, 2009

La Jolla

On February 7th we went down to San Diego to have lunch with Corie. She flew in from Kansas City to visit for a few days. We met up with everyone for lunch and then went to La Jolla Cove. It was such a nice day...a little cool but no rain so that was nice. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures with Corie, she actually was kinda enough to take all of our family pictures and I didn't realize that we didn't have any with her. But it was great to see her and hang out with her for the weekend. Hopefully next time her family will be able to come!
Me, Josh and Oliver

Oliver in the sand, he did not like to walk on the rocks, it freaked him out.

Josh and Oliver on the rocks and as you can tell by his face he's not too Happy!


  1. I love being able to see your family! For whatever reason the post about Brock won't let me comment, but can I just say how strange it is to see your family after it being so long? CRAZY! Everyone is so much bigger! That is so great that he is serving a mission!

  2. Your little family is too cute!! I think beach pictures always turn out so cute! Maddy's boyfriend is looking pretty studly in that pic!! PS you already seem like a pro blogger!! :)